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Multi-Platinum Artist

"I just put Drum Muffs on the drums & cymbals on the church kit. World of difference mixing, & worship team is happy! They're not expensive at all. I was able to really bring down the volume of the kit in the room (especially the cymbals) and the volume and clarity of the mix overall. The tone of the kit is improved, too." – Marc Frigo, Multi-Platinum Recording Studio Owner




Miracle Spray $18.50

A miracle in a bottle. Clean cymbals, drum shells, stands and guitars.

Custom Drum Muffs $89.95

Have us put your logo on your Drum Muffs - twelve (2" SQUARES)

Mega Pack $41.00

10 Full size and 2 full size that can be cut in to 4 small Drum Muffs. (2" SQUARES)

Cymbal Mutes $21.99

4 large Cymbal Mutes than can be cut into 16 small Cymbal Mutes (2" SQUARES)

Some of our Artists

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