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Experience an entirely better sound for your Drums and Cymbals

EXPERIENCE AN ENTIRELY BETTER SOUND – Patent Pending hybrid Drum Muff: The only way to describe them is like putting an SSL EQ strip on each drum in ProTools. They are the future of drum dampening.” Steve Morrison, drum tech on “The Voice” Check our Facebook Page for Specials!

Testimonials pour in every day – from professional drummers, touring drum techs to sound engineers. You don’t have to be a professional to use these though.


Drum Muffs are unlike any other damping product. Drum Muffs gate your drums and cymbals without sacrificing attack or cymbal wash. Drum Muffs are 2″ squares of self adhesive squares made up of a state of the art, scientifically designed, hybrid of several materials. The top layer is a waterproof  and tear proof polyester layer. The second layer is 5 mils of pure aluminum. This layer is part of our patent pending design. The third layer is a proprietary custom 3M Corporation gating  material made for Drum Muff. The combination of these two materials does what no other product can do. Aluminum specifically tames overtones and ring using sheer strength – allowing a crisp attack and pure sound to get through. The bottom and last layer is made of a custom designed 3M adhesive that will adhere to drums and cymbals without fear of them falling off – all while having the ability to remove and relocate with ease. If the adhesive gets dirty from the oils in your skin or dirty heads, simply wash the entire Drum Muff in soap and water, let dry and you are good to go! The entire Drum Muff is not affected by heat or cold. Nothing to melt and get gooey or attract dust.
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So… what do Drum Muffs do and why are they different from all other options? The patent pending hybrid blend offers gating, volume reduction and overtone elimination – either singularly, or as a trio (depending on sizes used and placement).

Drum Muff does three things: 1. A Drum Muff will reduce the volume of cymbals and drums by 3 db. That is not a great amount, but does help quite a bit in recording studios and smaller venues. That being said, many of our artists use them in arenas and large venues for the second thing Drum Muffs do. 2. Drum Muffs eliminate unwanted ring and overtones WITHOUT inflicting a muddy tone like gels do. You get the great attack and true unaltered sound of your drum – without the unwanted booming, ring, and overtones. 3. Drum Muffs gate drums and cymbals. Recording studios that have tried them once, insist on using them every time they record drums. Sound engineers consider them one of the most valuable tools in their arsenal.

You can easily remove and replace them dozens of times. If the adhesive gets dirty, simply wash in soap and water and let dry.

The patent pending hybrid blend offers gating, volume reduction and overtone elimination – either singularly, or as a trio (depending on sizes used and placement). Drum Muffs actually enhance the sound of your drums and allows for a bit of ring and still lets them be “open” sounding with a nice crisp attack. Wrangle in that unwanted overtone on your floor tom instantly with one large Drum Muff.  Use 3 large Drum Muffs on each head of the kick drum to allow the removal of the sound absorbing pillow. Hear, for the first time, the pure sound the kick drum was designed to offer. Use a Drum Muff just below the bell of a cymbal to reduce the volume by as much as 3 decibels without any noticeable difference in the “sound” or “wash” of the cymbal. This is key when playing in small venues. We all know that cymbals can cut through vocal microphones and create havoc! Drum Muff was invented by Dino Rachiele, owner of Custom Sinks by Rachiele

Drum Muffs come in two sizes. 2″ square, 2″ square designed to be cut into 1″ squares.  This is a quote from a Pro:

The only thing I could relate it to is like listening to play back in a studio control room. The sound guy was blown away as was the audience, they all said it was the best a band had ever sounded in that room. Thank you for creating such a kick ass product!

Drum Muffs will adhere to the batter and resonant heads. It will adhere to tops or bottoms of cymbals.  The key to Drum Muff is the sizes available and the flexibility of placement. No other product on the market is similar. You either have the gels – which get filthy and slimy and do not sound at all like a Drum Muff when used. Or you have the rigid tacks that do not move at all with vibration – causing a different tone. Our Drum Muffs are scientifically engineered to move with vibration, less than the gels but more than the tacks. comparison


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Sean Shannon, of MixMonsterz Studio, talks about the value of Drum Muffs in studio

This video below shows just how amazing Drum Muffs are. The drums were lightly tuned directly out of the box. The Drum Muffs made huge improvements in the sound of the drums. By the time Dave Stark (the Drummer) played the evening set, he had tuned them. They were acoustic perfection after tuning! Dave Stark is a professional session drummer (graduate, and now an occasionally invited instructor, at the prestigious Berklee School of Music) with endorsements from both Zildjian and Vic Firth as well as Drum Muff. Endorsed Artist, Dave Stark, demonstrates Drum Muffs on a new Yamaha kit.


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